I Was an ISIS Hostage: A Kerala Nurse’s Iraq Diary


Neenu Jose   I left for Iraq on February 17, 2014. I had paid Rs. 1.6 lakh to an agency in Delhi that promised a job in Iraq. I went to Delhi for an interview that was conducted More...

Cricket As a Form of Resistance


Irfan Ahmad Mir  In  my  early  childhood  days  I  and  my  neighborhood  friends would  eagerly  look  forward  to  winter  season. Winter meant a lot  of More...

Diary of An Israeli War


HAIDAR EID I sit in my apartment in Gaza City for days and nights, watching the sky turn grey with thick smoke during the day, and bright yellow and orange in the darkness More...


Zia-Ul-Haq, My Grandfather

    Mohammad Zia Adnan   I can only come up with the forewarning that this is not a reactionary outburst, nor in support or defence of the merits of military More...

Children of a Lesser God

Murtaza Haider Keeping Palestinians stateless will only prolong their misery and add unknown risks to global peace and security. -Photo by AFP Could you imagine the wrath and More...

India Calls Off Talks With Pakistan After Their Envoy’s Meeting With Kashmiri Separatists


TVK    India today called off foreign secretary level talks with Pakistan scheduled next week, sending out a strong More...

Indian PM Slams Pakistan For Proxy War Against India, Visits Kargil


TVK Leh/Kargil: In a strong attack on Pakistan, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today accused it of continuing More...

Saif ali khan during film shootimg at gulmag north kashmir PHOTO BY AABID NABI (9) Indian Army Forces Journalists To Reveal ‘Sources’

TVK   North Kashmir Varmul and Sopore towns Wednesday alleged that army is forcing them to...

kashmir Kashmir-Palestine: The Bond Of Solidarity

Uzma Falak   Resistance and solidarity can make borders porous. © Ieshan Wani A gritty black and...

irom-sharmila-360 ‘Happy To Be Released But Will Continue Fast,’ Says Irom Sharmila

TVK   Imphal:  Irom Sharmila, who has been on a hunger strike in Manipur for 14 years,...

The great game in Central Asia (Part-I)


G.S. Randhawa With the imminent transition in Afghanistan following the presidential elections, the counting More...

Dissecting lies of Prem Shankar Jha’s reportage on ‘Tosa Maidan’

Sheikh Saaliq Prologue This was never supposed to be the first line of this article.  In fact, what i wanted to..

Fear and cautious hope for India’s Muslims in Modi era

ANNIE BANERJI AHMEDABAD, India: Millions of India’s Muslims fear Narendra Modi’s landslide election will fuel religious discrimination, intolerance and even bring..

XMITA Proposes 450 Cr Arts Residency Complex for Kashmir

A woman victim at Loi- Photo: NARENDRA BISHT

To provide funding for young filmmakers of J&K for 2014-15 TVK Experimental Moving Images and Theatre Association More...

Something is rotten in the state of Kashmir

Author Basharat Peer on collaborating with Vishal Bhardwaj to turn a literary text into moving imagesSomak Ghoshal Basharat Peer’s favourite Shakespearean..

Cricket As a Form of Resistance

Irfan Ahmad Mir  In  my  early  childhood  days  I  and  my  neighborhood  friends would  eagerly  look  forward  to  winter  season. Winter meant..

Cricket As a Form of Resistance

FBD6E75C724AFB98085AD383F95AE_h498_w598_m2 Irfan Ahmad Mir  In  my  early  childhood  days  I  and  my  neighborhood  friends would  eagerly  look  forward  to  winter  season. Winter meant..
Zubin Mehta2

Politics Threaded Into Shalimar Bagh Concert

Sheikh Saaliq It was on May 25, 2008, when Junoon, South Asia’s biggest Sufi-rock band, enthralled a Kashmiri audience with its..

Red Ant Dream: Kak’s cinema of Resistance

Red Ant Dream, Sanjay Kak’s latest film, invokes memories of struggle, Revolution and redemption. A poetic representation of revolution and a..

‘It has happened once, now we won’t let it happen again’

Syed Rihan Aijaz   It has once happened, now we won’t let it happen again, Mughli died lookin’ for her son,..