LPG price rate changed: Big news! LPG gas cylinder became cheaper, check new rates

LPG cylinder

LPG gas cylinder – Government oil companies have made a big change in the prices of commercial gas cylinders this morning. 19 kg cylinder will now get cheaper by Rs 135. However, the companies have not made any change in the prices of domestic LPG and it will be sold at the rate released on May 19.

LPG gas cylinder: New Delhi: Government petroleum companies have released new rates of LPG cylinders (LPG Cylinder Price Today) on Wednesday morning. Today, companies have not put any burden on the consumers, but have made the price of commercial gas cylinder cheaper by Rs 135.

Petroleum company Indian Oil has made this cut in the rate of its LPG cylinder. Now commercial LPG cylinder of Indane gas will be cheaper by Rs 135. However, there has been no change in the prices of 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinders. The domestic cylinder is currently being sold at the rate issued on May 19.

LPG gas cylinder – New rate of commercial cylinder from today

Today from June 1, the new rate of commercial cylinder has been released. Now a 19 kg commercial cylinder will get a relief of Rs 135 and its new rate will be Rs 2,219 in Delhi, which was Rs 2,355 earlier. Similarly, in Kolkata, a commercial cylinder will be available for Rs 2,322 instead of Rs 2,454. In Mumbai too, its price has come down to Rs 2,171.50 from Rs 2,306 till now, while in Chennai LPG cylinder will now be sold for Rs 2,373 instead of Rs 2,508.

LPG gas cylinder | Earlier the prices had increased continuously

The prices of commercial LPG cylinders have increased several times during the last two months. In March, a 19 kg cylinder was being sold in Delhi for just Rs 2,012. On 1 April, its price was increased to Rs 2,253, then on 1 May also its prices increased by Rs 102, after which the price of commercial cylinder increased to Rs 2,354.

LPG gas cylinder

LPG gas cylinder | Domestic LPG cylinder prices increased twice in May

Petroleum companies did not change the rate of domestic LPG cylinders today, but in May itself, its prices have increased twice. First on May 7, companies increased Rs 50 on a cylinder of 14.2 kg and then increased by Rs 3.50 on May 19, after which the prices of domestic cylinders in Delhi-Mumbai reached above one thousand rupees. On May 7, a commercial gas cylinder was cheaper by Rs 10, while on May 19, its prices were increased by Rs 8.

LPG gas cylinder | Highest cut in Delhi

Government petroleum companies have made the biggest reduction in the prices of commercial LPG cylinders today in the capital Delhi. Here a 19 kg LPG cylinder has become cheaper by Rs 136 today, while its prices have been cut by Rs 133 in Kolkata. Apart from this, the price has come down by Rs 135.50 per cylinder in Mumbai, while the price of commercial cylinder in Chennai has come down by Rs 135 today


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