‘NEP gained acceptance in entire country’

Govt must ensure uniform implementation of NEP in all private schools: HC

‘NEP gained acceptance in entire country’

New Delhi, July 29: The new National Education Policy (NEP) is in sync with the nation’s roots and has gained unprecedented acceptance from the entire country, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said Friday.

Noting that the NEP was rooted in “Bharatiyata” while assimilating the global perspective, Shah said the policy enriches knowledge and culture and was aligned with the aspirations of the society.

“The purpose of education is to develop character, empathy, courage, and prepare students to deal with challenges of life. Education can enable India to reach the pinnacle of success. Society is looking up to us with expectations and hopes to make it happen. Our educational aspiration is not only for earning degrees and certificates but also to achieve global good,” Shah said at an event on the completion of two years since the launch of NEP.

“NEP is in sync with the roots of the nation and has gained unprecedented acceptance from the entire country. The policy has clearly stated that a robust public education system is the foundation of a thriving democratic nation. The purpose of NEP is to develop citizens who combine national pride with global good with the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” he said.

The home minister also noted that NEP was an antidote to Macaulay’s system of education designed to colonise minds.

Shah launched a slew of initiatives in the education and skill development sector to mark the completion of two years of the NEP.

The NEP approved by the Union Cabinet in 2020 replaced the 34-year-old National Policy on Education framed in 1986 and was aimed at paving the way for transformational reforms in school and higher education systems to make India a global knowledge superpower.


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