About Us

We at The Vox Kashmir  tell the story of Kashmir – its different shades and its different colours. We talk here about Kashmir’s ever dynamic politics and its conflict and how the lives have been shaped and morphed over the years and decades.

The Vox tells the story of Kashmir’s culture, which has evolved itself under the hammer of time and conflux of many other cultures which traded along the historic silk route.

The Vox is the poetry of Kashmir’s street and ballad of the Kashmir’s villages.

We are an online monthly magazine and believe in being an independent and objective outlet for news, views and expressions.

The Vox brings a monthly summary and analyses of the major news events that have shaped the month and its possible effect of the future. We will also bring to you riveting poetry by young Kashmiris, no matter how unrefined or elegant it may be. Apart from that, there will be fiction, essays, short stories and pictures that will define this region and its landscape.

The Vox is headquartered in Kashmir.

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